Mechanical Anthropometric Scale 2 m - 200 Kg Avanutri

Anthropometric scale ideal for gym, office
Practical, precise and uses no energy.
It measures up to 2 meters in height and 200 kg in weight.
Weight capacity: 200 Kg
Measures up to 200 cm
Minimum weight: 2 Kg
Division: 100 grams
Made of Steel with white electrostatic painting
Anthropometric mechanics
Chrome Steel Stadiometer
Adjustable feet
Non-slip rubberized rug
Base measures: 28 x 37 cm

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Equipments for nutritional assessment

Avanutri is a manufacturer of equipment for physical and nutritional evaluation that has been operating in the market since 2005. It is formed and managed by health professionals, the company has been expanding and diversifying its area of operation.


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