* Larger base (23,5 X 13,5 cm) with modern design with rounded corners to meet demanding customers;

* New height meter (Frankfurt plane) with higher contact bridge and design with smooth lines;

* New reading indicator with enlarged size for easy viewing of height;

* New measuring ruler system with precise and smooth fit system;

* New and exclusive ruler stabilizer with "T" design with distance adjustment that provides vertical and horizontal stabilization of the equipment;

* New sliding fit system at the bottom of the base to avoid friction on the scale when being transported;

* Avanutri quality equipment 15 years of technology;

* Improvements in the total finish of the pieces with texture to facilitate the hygiene;
* Standardization of colors (Base, meter, ruler and stabilizer) to meet the new Avanutri concept;
* Equipment tested and certified by the most important Institute of Metrology of Brazil - IMI - INMETRO;
* Patent: No. BR 30 2018 054226 6

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Equipments for nutritional assessment

Avanutri is a manufacturer of equipment for physical and nutritional evaluation that has been operating in the market since 2005. It is formed and managed by health professionals, the company has been expanding and diversifying its area of operation.


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