Multi Functional Portable Stadiometer

03 functions in one device:
* Portable Vertical Stadiometer
* Horizontal stadiometer for bedridden patients
* Horizontal Infantometer
The Avanutri Multifunction Portable Stadiometer disassembles easily and the parts fit perfectly into the lightweight base.
Equipment 03 in 01
With an equipment it is possible to measure the height of patients in the vertical position up to 210cm, to measure the length of children in the horizontal position, and to measure the length of bedridden patients in the horizontal position up to 210cm.
Unique in Brazil certified by the Institute of Industrial Metrology - IMI.
Base and parts in light and highly resistant ABS
Measurement: 20cm to 210cm
Graduation: 0.1 cm
Approximate weight - 2.6 kg
Dimensions without box: Width 36cm x Length 67 x Height 13cm
Base color: Black
Height Gauge Color: Gray or Beige
Ruler Color: White
Made in ABS plastic
Warranty 03 years

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Equipments for nutritional assessment

Avanutri is a manufacturer of equipment for physical and nutritional evaluation that has been operating in the market since 2005. It is formed and managed by health professionals, the company has been expanding and diversifying its area of operation.


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